5 Ways to Stay Positive Around Negative People


valencia hefuera4 days ago by Valencia Higuera


Spend as much time as possible with positive people to balance out the negative ones. For example, if your boss is a negative person and you struggle to stay positive at work, befriend co-workers who have a more positive outlook. You can have lunch with these people and get a daily dose of “happy” to get through the remainder of the day.
5. Focus Your Mind on the Positive
A negative person not only focuses on the negative in his life, he might call attention to the not-so-good aspects of your life.

People who think negatively give too much attention to unpleasant situations and fail to recognize the good in their lives. Misery loves company, but you can overcome negative feelings by focusing your mind on the positive. Think about things you’re grateful for, maybe your family or your health. Make a list of every positive thing happening in your life. Most likely, the good will far exceed the bad.
If you’re committed to being happy and content, don’t give negative people power over your mind and feelings. A negative influence can be strong, but you can rise above this type of thinking, and perhaps help a negative friend see the good in his life.

Have you ever been surrounded by negative people? How did you handle the situation?


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